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Creating the Right Brand Voice: 6 Tips

Buffalo Wild Wings wet naps have bold messages as an example of brand voice

Your brand already has a voice. Is it the right voice? Is it engaging?

By brand voice, we don’t mean sound effects, jingles, theme songs, sound branding, audio logos, or other important sonic aspects of a brand. We mean the tone of your communications and the style of your writing.

Brand voice is the purposeful, consistent expression of a brand through words and prose styles that engage and motivate. Here are 6 tips to help you create a strong, clear brand voice.

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We Need an iPad App! 4 Steps to Get You Started

Three screens from the College of Visual Arts iPad app designed by Larsen

We need an iPad app! You’ve heard the request. Perhaps it’s even a demand. iPad apps are emerging at an incredibly rapid pace, creating serious momentum among brand stakeholders. Everyone wants an app. And they’re looking at you to make it happen.

But what? And how? And for whom?

Should you produce a utility app? A productivity app? A game app? The questions come thick and fast. The categories of apps can be overwhelming. And the business need is too often obscured.

If your app is on the line, so to speak, but the options above don’t work for your organization, you may be overlooking an opportunity.

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Asking for a Marketing Budget Increase

Getting a marketing budget increase? It may sound like something out of an episode of Mission: Impossible. But it can be done, even in a tough economy.

You’ve heard it before: Marketing is an investment, not an expense. If you’ve spent wisely in the current fiscal year and can show beneficial results, you’re in a much better position. If you can demonstrate strong competitive pressures that can be addressed through additional marketing spend, all the better.

Here are five steps to kick-start that all-important request for additional funding.

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How Do You Build Consensus for Creative Work?

Have you experienced it? A colleague finally has time to attend a meeting to review the creative work you’ve been managing. You’re delighted, eager to share progress, and convinced the creative solution achieves strategic business goals.

Your colleague, however, has a different point of view. As she sets forth her strong, persuasive opinion, she begins undermining progress, perhaps even calling your solution into question. Suddenly, decisions are derailed and the deadline is in jeopardy.

It can be challenging to build consensus for creative work. These six suggestions can help you succeed.

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Is Print Dead?

College of Visual Arts viewbook, a print piece utilizing newsprint and photo collages, conveys the student experience

Everybody is so eager to eulogize print, we may be burying it alive. Thought-leaders in marketing, publishing, and entertainment seem to be simultaneously wringing their hands, clutching their iPads, and writing wistful blog posts about the pleasures and demise of the printed page.

So is print dead? We think this is the wrong question to ask. Print is alive and well, in all its familiar forms. But print is changing, often too quickly for comfort. When it comes to your marketing communications, a better question is this: When is print the better choice?

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Beyond the Tradeshow: Create a Branded Event

Image from "Fuel the Movement," a branded event created by Larsen for Charles Schwab

Having a big, bold presence on the tradeshow floor can be an important aspect of your marketing. But perhaps this year, you might consider a branded event, focused solely on your products, your services, and your expertise. With a branded event, you don’t vie for attention with hundreds of other companies. It’s all about you and your audience.

Imagine face-to-face meetings with customers over the course of several days. Imagine multiple positive touchpoints with your target audience. Imagine conversations focused on your brand and its benefits. It’s the branding equivalent of surround sound.

Here are four fundamentals to help you take full advantage of this powerful marketing opportunity.

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