Larsen Touchpoints iPad App Now Available

Larsen Touchpoints iPad App offers quick-read case studies about creating brand touchpoints

How do you strengthen your brand? You create a series of meaningful brand touchpoints, each providing an emotional connection with your key audience. Larsen Touchpoints iPad App, which illustrates this branding fundamental, is now available on the Apple App Store.

The free app is a collection of marketing touchpoints, providing visual examples, brief descriptions, and short articles that touch on branding, naming, communications, packaging, signage, tradeshows, and websites.

The Larsen Touchpoints iPad App covers the importance of originality, first impressions, consistent messaging, and engaging visual design, and it provides examples across a range of industries including architecture, education, financial services, food and beverage, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, retail, and technology. Find the app in the Business Category on the Apple App Store. It’s free to download, compatible with iPad, and requires iOS 4.0 or later. Download Touchpoints, Larsen Design.

A screen from the Larsen Touchpoints iPad app available on the Apple App Store The Deluxe Knowledge Quarterly is a featured project on the Larsen Touchpoints iPad appLarsen's iPad app includes work for VMware, like these large-scale exterior banners

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