Bold Visual Guidelines for Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

The Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise visual guidelines designed by Larsen are applied to all print and digital communications

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, a communications and networking technologies provider, asked Larsen to establish a set of unique and dynamic visual guidelines that would resonate with a global audience of employees, partners, and system end-users while maintaining a visual connection to the established Alcatel-Lucent corporate brand.


  • Distinct visual system is highly effective and simple to use
  • Circle motif serves as the system’s foundation, using bold color and typography to support a broad range of messages
  • Stunning night photography features people and places in ways that highlight the company’s seamless solutions
  • System works across a broad range of marketing communications: presentations, events, literature, print advertising, digital applications
  • New guidelines help differentiate and establish Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise as an industry thought leader
Bold purple and blue circles and vivid photography are used on the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise website Large-scale panels illustrating the Alcatel-Lucent visual guidelines

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