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Corporate Magazines: 9 Fundamentals

A corporate magazine speaks with an independent, journalistic voice that’s interesting to your customers — and favorable to your company. If done right, your magazine will gain a strong readership and demonstrate that your company is committed to sharing information, rather than just selling. Here are nine fundamentals for creating a successful corporate magazine.

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WIIFM: Your marketing mantra

WIIFM (What’s in it for me?). If you’re a marketer, WIIFM should be your mantra. You should be asking it about everything you create. Knowing, of course, that the “me” in “What’s in it for me?” is not “you” — it’s your customer. Your audience. Your user. Your recipient. Your prospect. Your reader. Your donor. Your investor.

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Writing an RFP: 7 Guidelines for Greatness

Many organizations overlook the opportunity the RFP presents, hurriedly creating a “good enough” piece that’s neither clear, nor particularly compelling. Others approach the RFP with dread, repurposing an existing document rather than rethinking the process, the requirements, and the schedule. Here are seven guidelines to help you create a great RFP, in other words, a “Really Fine Publication.”

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