Holiday Greetings: Should you?

When it’s time to think about your company’s annual holiday card, do you start channeling your inner Grinch? Or do you go to last year’s card, change the date, and hit send? It’s easy to take your holiday card for granted or simply not send one at all, but is that a wise decision for your business?

Admittedly, it’s tricky to walk the tightrope between sincerity and cliché, or to show reverence for the holiday without excluding those who honor different traditions. Still, the effort can be rewarding.

Holidays are universal and reflect a deep-seated need to pause and acknowledge the importance of others in our lives. Sending a holiday greeting from your company helps honor the bonds established between you and your customers.

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, the Chinese New Year or any other special yearly event, choosing a time to connect through a heartfelt greeting is worth the time and expense.

But once you’ve committed to a holiday greeting, take the time to do it right.

Celebrate Your Brand

Don’t squander the moment by sending an off-the-shelf card with a pre-printed signature. Be creative, interesting, and original, and your customers will remember your company long after the holidays are over.

Don’t be hamstrung by tradition or let the mode of delivery determine your creative concept. Your idea might be better realized through social media, a digital greeting card,  a postcard, a poster. Don’t assume that if you send a card, it has to be expensive or elaborate. Simple can be powerful.

Whatever you do, make sure your greeting is on brand, reflects your identity, and conveys your company’s culture.

Toot Your Horn

Holiday cards can be a light, friendly way to share accomplishments. Take the opportunity to let people know about an award, an expansion, a significant hire, or a new product. A holiday card gives you permission to brag (just a bit), and thank clients for helping your company continue to be a vital player in the industry, despite a difficult economy.

Break With Tradition

Don’t have time to produce an original holiday card in December? Or can’t think of a way to turn ho hum into ho ho ho?

Consider sending your greeting at another significant time of year. End-of-the-year messages can get lost in the shuffle with well wishes flooding your customers’ mailboxes. One way to stand out is to send a greeting on a date that has meaning to your business:

    • If back-to-school sales are important to your company, consider a clever, timely communication in late summer.
    • If your business revolves around summer holidays and outdoor activities, make the start of summer your annual greeting time.
    • If you’re an accounting or financial services firm, take a less-than-festive annual event like tax season and use it to your advantage by sending an upbeat, humorous communication. A refund (in good will) is guaranteed.

The Grinch learned his lesson and we should too. Don’t dismiss the holidays or take them for granted. We need these yearly reminders of how important it is to give, share, connect, and express our thanks to others.

And don’t forget to have some fun. Remember, National Flashlight Day is just around the corner.