A Marathon-Minded Marketing Approach

Whether it’s preparing for a forthcoming product launch or the industry trade show of the year, creating successful marketing campaigns often requires the effort and endurance of an athlete. No wonder so many marketers collapse after the mad dash that carries them across the finish line.

They’re exhausted, sure. But they’re also losing out on incredible opportunities to communicate their message to the most important audience of all: those people they missed in their big push.

Sprinting from one short-term finish line to the next is one way to outpace your competitors. Another is to view the challenges ahead of you, then develop a marketing campaign with, forgive us, “legs” effective enough to set your business apart in the long run.

As in a real marathon, strength and strategy are essential to your marketing approach.

Regulate your pace

Marketing can be a difficult race to run. It’s often a series of peaks and valleys that barely allow you to catch your breath before you find yourself rushing to meet deadlines for the next big event.

A less stressful approach is to spread smaller marketing efforts over the course of the entire year, book-ending larger, integrated campaigns timed to coincide with your company’s main objectives. Social media, direct marketing and trade advertising can be worthwhile teasers and follow-ups, enhancing audience awareness prior to and following your new product launch or industry tradeshow.

Slow and steady wins the race. That cliché might also increase awareness of your offerings, so you don’t end up exhausting yourself chasing after customers who don’t know you or care. Tease them with communications that pique their interest, and leads may come looking for you.

Extend your reach

A lot of time and trouble goes into ensuring the marketing materials you create for specific events will engage an array of audiences. Why should you settle for reaching only those people who visited your booth or expressed an interest in your new product? Repackaging creative assets after your big event has passed is a smart, simple way to connect with audiences you missed during your original push.

Sustain your momentum

Big events have a way of creating brand momentum. Scheduling marketing initiatives on the heels of your big events can help you sustain your business’s name recognition and industry attention. Moving quickly with your follow-up efforts is the key to benefiting from pre-existing awareness.

Don’t worry that fatigue will overtake you before you can engage everyone with your message. Flexing your marketing muscle is easier when you’re already warmed-up.

Stretch your investment

When all other motivators fail, there’s one last reason to consider a marathon approach to marketing and how it might benefit your business in the long run: money.

Not only do you throw away potential equity when you sprint from one finish line to the next in pursuit of customers. You also throw away a certain percentage of the money you invest in those short-term campaigns.

Stretching your campaigns beyond the start and end dates of single events will allow you to amortize your marketing investments across a larger audience base. That’s especially important if you value customer relationships over individual sales.

A marathon is more than an everyday workout, it’s true. But turning immediate deadlines into mile-markers along your pursuit will result in more opportunities to make a lasting impact with audiences.