This is a picture of the SAGE logo. It is a bright yellow sunburst design to stand for the brilliance of SAGE glass. Larsen created the logo.
This is a green background with a white star on it. The star has a large notch cut out of it. Star Tribune uses this star as part of their logo.
Charles Schwab holds events for registered investment advisors. This is a picture of an oversized graphic at the Schwab event in 2013.
V M world is the largest global I T event. Larsen designed this huge watercolor image of a woman in a multi-colored cloud for the V M world event in 2011.
This is a picture of the Buffalo Wild Wings logo.
This is a picture of red words on a white background. The words say this: Bold. Bright. Just Right. Let's talk.
This is a picture of a happy older man pushing a non-electric lawn mower and waving. There is an illustration behind him of pills. This image was created by Larsen for Prime Therapeutics.
This is a picture of the U of M Gopher Stadium. Larsen designed the signs, graphic panels, and wayfinding system at T C F Bank Stadium.
A picture of a brochure for the company Applied Materials. You can read the words on the brochure. They say