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Communicate and connect with confidence

Blanchard & Company, Inc., sought out Larsen because leadership wanted to position the successful investment company for continuing growth and build deeper connections with existing and potential clients. As part of this marketing and branding initiative, Blanchard needed a polished, professional, and scrupulously consistent  image.

We started by partnering with our client to identify and understand who, exactly, Blanchard wanted to appeal to. We mapped the audience into four segments:  sophisticated and affluent executives and professionals; good life traditionalists with more conservative heartland values; younger family-focused investors with children in the home; and discerning knowledgeable investors from the most exclusive and wealthy households.

We then focused on creating a clear brand position to pinpoint Blanchard’s competitive strength and determine how that benefitted each audience. Overall, Blanchard wanted to accurately reflect an investment focus, rather than a retail product focus.

Once we created the strategic underpinning, we began bringing the brand into alignment across all channels. We  designed a clean new upscale logo and brand icon for Blanchard; an entirely new digital and social media presence; a comprehensive set of marketing collateral; and an elegant stationery system, which was particularly important for communicating with Blanchard’s high net worth clientele.

Our Client

Blanchard is the largest investment firm in the U.S. specializing in precious metals and rare coins. Blanchard provides expert consultation on American numismatic rarities and gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion. With over or 450,000 customers and over $1 billion in sales in the last three years, Blanchard has owned and sold more than half of the coins listed in Whitman Publishing’s 100 Greatest U.S. Coins List.

Our Work

  • brand positioning
  • brand identity update
  • brand guidelines
  • brand voice
  • visual system
  • key messages
  • website redesign
  • web content
  • social media design
  • banner ads
  • marketing brochures
  • stationery system

Website redesign

Polished confidence

We designed the Blanchard website to showcase Blanchard’s strength as the premier authority in precious metals and rare coins investing, attract a broad spectrum of clients, and play a central role in Blanchard’s consultative sales process by communicating confidence and sharing expertise.

Clean design

A sophisticated, yet approachable design supports the content and helps visitors easily navigate. Clearly numbered checklists provide straightforward advice on making investments. Large photos of coins clearly show their beauty and value. Prominent calls to action encourage site visitors to speak with a knowledgeable investment professional. 

Understandable content

Key goals for the new site  were to simplify the navigation, reduce site clutter, and establish a friendly, informative tone. We wanted to answer basic questions (“Why  invest in precious metals and rare coins?”), provide guidance (“For highest returns, start with bullion and then follow our long-term allocation strategy”), and build confidence (“We’ll buy back anything we sell to you, at any time”).

Positive results

In partnership with Blanchard, we established several key performance indicators for the new site: attract a broader audience through organic search, improve sales conversion goals, reduce bounce rates, and encourage Blanchard sales representatives to use on the site as a key resource during sales calls.

logo design

Like a rare gold coin

We created a sophisticated, upscale identity for Blanchard with a clean, uppercase wordmark combined with a symbol reminiscent of a gold coin. We created the symbol from the letter “B,” and from decorative elements found in a fleur-de-lis, the official heraldic symbol from New Orleans, the headquarters of Blanchard. The overall effect is pedigreed, polished, and beautiful, much like the rare coins and precious metals in which Blanchard specializes.

Marketing literature

Coins sets for greater profit potential

For greater profit potential, Blanchard counsels clients to buy sets of coins. We brought order and beauty to this investment strategy through our design of Blanchard’s literature. Consistent graphics across four small brochures helped  investors clearly see their investment options: a six-piece set, an eight-piece set, a fourteen-piece set, or a thirty-four piece set of rare coins.

Sunburst patterns for increasing value

A circular design motif unifies all the Blanchard investment literature. Streams of gold coins and intricate aesthetic patterns, taken from the rare coins themselves, flow from the bottom left corner upward, suggesting sunrise and increasing value.

Digital continuity

We polished the Blanchard brand in all its digital manifestations, helping our client present a consistently polished image on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. We also created a flexible set of sophisticated online banner ads.