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Drive revenue with design

70 percent of the revenue at Buffalo Wild Wings comes from food. Namely, lip-smacking, sauce-spun Buffalo-style chicken wings. So, clearly, our work for Buffalo Wild Wings couldn’t just be cool. It also had to increase gross profit and optimize the average check.

We knew that the only piece of printed advertising a consumer is virtually certain to read is a menu. So we started by designing every inch of the menu to drive revenue (while making patrons smile). We put the top revenue-generating items in the top hot spots. We used 72-point type to scream. And we cross-sold at every opportunity, urging guests to try different sauces, order takeout for the next party, or come back on Wing Tuesdays.

We also designed every piece of packaging to promote the brand and speak (irreverently) to the target audience. We called our creative concept “wall to wall.”  It mimicked the unmistakable energy and noisy happiness you’ll find at every B-dubs.

Our Client

Buffalo Wild Wings is an owner, operator, and franchisor of more than over 950 Buffalo Wild Wings locations across 49 states in the United States, as well as in Canada. If you haven’t eaten there, you should. Also called B-dubs.

Our Work

  • restaurant packaging
  • naming
  • menu system design & branding
  • brand voice
  • sauce bottle label design
Menu Design
Buffalo Wild Wings Menu Design

Where you look equals what you order

Eye magnets

We created them to make top revenue items irresistible. Unavoidable. And delectable. We used big fat type to highlight delicious choices that also had a low food cost and a high contribution margin.

Gaze motion

We learned how consumers scan a menu to place an order. Especially when they’re eating and drinking and distracted (by all the TV screens).

Primacy and recency

We designed the menu so that top revenue items appeared at the beginning and the end of each category. Because you’re more likely to remember the first or last menu item you read. And then order it.

Cost-effective real estate

We jammed the menu with food and noise. Like the place. But we put it all on one page. People here don’t want to go flipping through some fussy complicated, chaptered menu.

Napkin & Wet Naps

Would you wipe your face with an insulting napkin?

Would you collect wet naps? Yeah, you probably would if you were a “social captain,” the so-called 18-24 year old male demographic who typically organizes his crowd to meet at B-dubs. Our creative needed to grab that guy’s attention, so we created a brand voice that eschews formality and speaks his language.

Wing leader

We noticed that after a few beers, the adults were wearing the crowns designed for children. (Strategy a-ha!) So we created adult crowns. It’s great when people choose to promote your brand for you. By wearing it.


Sauce appeal

From smilin’ to sizzlin’ to screamin’

Sauce bottle label design? You don’t have to be too smart to see that our strategy was to organize the sauces by heat. Green, not hot at all  (smilin’). Yellow, use caution (sizzlin’). Red, ridiculously hot (screamin’).

Flexible lineup

Because the colors of the sauce bottle labels are on a gradient, our client can create a new sauce and fit it in the lineup without redoing all the labels or adjusting the design. That made them smile.

Sweet meets heat

That’s the description for Asian Zing, a sauce we named. (See it above with the orange label.) We created all the descriptions for the signature sauces. Because without descriptions, duh, people didn’t know what to order.