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Motivate an audience

It’s only the largest global IT event. Our job is to brand it, promote it, drive attendance, and delight every attendee. (No pressure.)

For three years, we’ve succeeded in capturing the smarts and style of VMWorld — and, more importantly, drawing in more than 20,000 attendees in the U.S. and 8,000 in Europe. That’s record-breaking attendance.

How do we do it? We start with a bold, commanding theme that speaks directly to the audience, motivates them, and positions the event as the go-to conference of the year. Then we make sure the event imagery is jaw-dropping. No only in size, but style. And consistency. Every space and every surface is an  opportunity to communicate.

When thousands of people gather in a space, the vibe has to be right. Connected. Exciting. Invigorating. The imagery has to surround the smart discussions, and support that unmistakable I’m-in-the-right-place-right-now feel.

How many events miss this supercharged marketing opportunity? (We know you can think of a few.) Ours don’t. That’s the power of powerful branding.

Our Client

VMWorld is the largest global IT event — bringing together professionals from around the world to share ideas, strengthen relationships, and master VMware products.

Our Work

  • event themes
  • promotional strategies
  • event websites
  • banner advertising
  • email campaigns
  • print collateral
  • environmental signage
  • style guidelines

Powerful themes pull people in

“Your Cloud. Own It.” — VMWorld 2011

We like creating themes that are structured and consistent, but with a fresh, changeable element. Here’s an example: “Your cloud. Own it. “As attendees move through the conference, “Own it” morphs into any number of interesting variations: “Your Cloud. Extend it.” “Your Cloud. Activate it.” “Your Cloud. Evolve it.”

“Right Here Right Now” — VMWorld 2012

Need to create a sense of urgency in your attendees? Give them an urgent theme, like “Right Here. Right Now.” There’s no better buzz than feeling you’re in the right place at the right time.

“Defy Convention”  — VMWorld 2013

Our themes aren’t staid. Or subtle. They tell you what to do, and they do it with strong verbs. Take, for example, “Defy Convention.” Sounds a bit bossy, really. But that’s how you command the attention of 22,000 people.

2011 highlights

Creating VMWorld Cloud Imagery

How do you create a cloud? We didn’t want to use regular old puffy white clouds. That seemed a bit hackneyed. Instead, we created something cooler, and less expected, like ink-drop photography clouds. These fluid images were unique and ownable by our client, they were visually powerful, and they embodied the inherent imagination and flexibility of VMware.

The event was professional, bold, smart, and just looked amazing
— Kellie Beakey Director of Corporate Events VMware
2012 highlights

Urgent branding

You’re in the right place at the right time. Your badge says so. That’s the power of a great theme.

2013 highlights